I LOVE San Diego!!!  It’s just not the weather, but the people and the atmosphere.  I lived on the east coast a long time and the fast pace was okay, but I have become accustomed to the slower pace (well, life’s pace, not the I-5).  I am, though, bothered by the way our City Council does most of it’s business.  I have always been a fan of the Council, since they honored me twice with Rod Luck Day in San Diego when I was working full time at KUSI.  I appreciated their recognition, and paid them back by promoting “America’s Finest City.”  I am, though, worried about some of the decisions made by THIS Council.  The most recent “debacle” was the approval of the “ONE PASEO” mixed-use project in Carmel Valley.  The project includes the construction of stores and eateries, theatre, office space, over 600 apartment units, shops and parking, plus much more.  The developer, Kilroy Realty, has spent hundreds of thousands, if not, millions of dollars spewing propaganda why this project is good for Carmel Valley and San Diego, in general.  The City Council voted 7-2 to approve the deal, which “smells” of some “backroom dealing!”  The only two descending votes came from Sherri Lightner  and Council President Pro Tem Marti Emerald.  Both Lightner and Emerald are probably sleeping much better than their 7 cohorts.  They voted with their conscience.  Anybody in their right, civic mind would have sent this “raw deal” back to the Kilroy people in a shredded pile of “no thank you’s!!!”  I’m not saying the other council members, let’s call them the “unleaven seven,” are or were “on the take,” financially, but hoodwinked by some sharp rhetoric and future promises to be delivered “down the road.”  It happens all the time.  John Moores and his sidekick, Larry Lucchino, used every tactic possible to sell the media, council and eventually the voters, on the Petco deal.  Petco Park is a great asset, but the voters will be paying for a long while on that promise.  So, where are we on the ONE-PASEO fiasco?  The opponents have handed over boxes of signatures that need to be verified in order to override the Council vote and get this project before the voters. In return, the ONE-PASEO posse has done the same with collections of signatures from those who voted and asked to have their signature removed from the recall petitions.  We’ll all know the signature verification outcome sometime in April.  IF the “good guys” win PLEASE vote against this abomination.  IF it passes, and becomes reality, I will promise you your neighborhood’s are next.  If you don’t want to become another L.A., then be prepared to keep Kilroy from being San Diego’s Killjoy!



There’s more rumors flying around about Philip Rivers than rumors about Bruce Jenner’s identity crisis.  Rivers, who enters the final year of a his contract, is reportedly not happy that the Chargers might be in L.A. after next season.  You see, the quarterback is a father of 7 and the closest he wants his kids to get to the City of Angels is Disneyland.  The N.C. State alum grew up not far from Nashville.  The Titans are one of the teams that REALLY wants him, along with Buffalo and, yes, even Philly.  San Diego fans have to realize that Rivers will NEVER lead them to a SuperBowl.  With that in mind they have to be ready to accept seeing him in another uniform.  It’s  not like giving away the franchise.  He’s borderline Hall of Fame quality.  His temper and loose play in key situations has always scared me.  The Chargers brass knows they can get quality talent for him, but they have to do it by or before the draft.  It’s rumored the Chargers will work out Marcus Mariota in April.  That smells of a deal made on or before draft day.  San Diego would also like UCLA’s Brett Hundley.  Stay tuned, sports fans, this story will take many other shapes before draft day.  If I was a betting man, and I am NOT, I would say Rivers SHOULD be history in San Diego even though his bosses vehemently deny it right now.


Today more terrorists running amuck, shooting, killing, destroying historical memorabilia; this time in an art museum in Tunisia;  and some wild man running loose with a gun, shooting people in Mesa, Arizona.  Every day now it’s another crazy shooting or bombing triggered by maniacal, sick, wacked out so called “religious rebels” killing, maming and destroying in the name of “their god,.” whoever, whatever that might be.  My religious beliefs don’t tell me to kill and destroy to “make some twisted, sadistic point.”  The world has become an open battlefield for these so-called Jihadists.  They claim they are Muslims out to erase, from the world, all the non-believers.Their so-called “war” is aimed at cleansing the planet of all “Infidels,” those of US who believe in a world of peace and harmony.  These renegades, scraped from the bottom of what seems to be a “bottomless” pit, are comprised of those who are seeking an identity they never had or never will have.  I heard they all “kill for a seat next to Allah!!!”  and, as a reward they receive a dozen virgins, or so…I have an idea….why not set up billboards leading into Iraq, Afghanistan and all other terrorist states.  Those billboards will simply say:  “God called and there are no more virgins in heaven…”  Maybe all the lonely, tough guys will go back home where they belong!


California boxing “Hall of Fame” promoter and the NABF “Female Promoter of the Year,” Bobby DePhilippis opens his 2015 boxing season at the FOUR POINTS SHERATON HOTEL (8110 Aero Dr.) Friday night (20th) at 6:30.  Grandson of former H.W. Champ, Leon Spinks, will headline the “card.”  Besides the Spinks fight, there will be five others featuring five local boxers….led by undefeated Prince “Tiger” Smalls (6-0-1),  and National City sensation, Adrian Vargas (12-0-1, 7 KO)….Come join me and Susan and all the other local fight fans.  DePhilippis always puts on a superb show.  Get there early or call (619) 420-8866 for tickets, or go to WWW.SANDIEGOFIGHTS.COM.


I began my 40+ year broadcasting career back in the late 60’s in little ol’ Dillon, Montana. I  always wanted to be a sportscaster, and that is what I eventually became.  Announcing High School Football and Basketball, then college, then into TV Sports.  I fought hard to get my jobs.  I knew I “had to be different.”  So, I was.  You might not have liked my approach, but at least it offered you an alternative. The one part of the broadcasting industry that hasn’t changed is that most talent, men and women, sound and look alike.  There’s very little color & pazazz!!!  Imagination is a word that is hard to find!!!  Also, since 2008 and the near collapse of our financial system, salaries went way down because of the lack of advertising sales.  Today you find many young, untested and unprepared news types.  Corporations have hired the “pretty faces” to bring you your news, weather and sports. They have kept some of the oldsters around to keep the ships afloat, but by and large, the business has gone “south!”  Whether it’s on the national or local level the “fight” to get viewers has turned many into “circus barkers” touting things that aren’t there.  They take a news happening and make it bigger than it is.  Anything to get you to watch. Tabloid Journalism at it’s finest!  It’s not gonna change.  This is what we have, so get use to it.  The Brian Jennings’, and FOX and CNN “barkers” of the world dominate your choice of what to watch.  What can you believe?  It’s a race to get viewers, because viewers mean higher ratings, and that means more bucks in their corporate coffers.  There’s not much you/we can do, America.  Sit back and enjoy the “not so talented talent show” forced upon you each night.  There’s enough news channels vieing for your eyes, ears and pocketbooks that you should find something to occupy your need to know.  If you can’t find it on TV go to the internet—SOME of what you find there MIGHT keep you happy and informed until you figure out that, too, is not so true!


R.B. Ryan Matthews has plans to talk with the Philadelphia Eagles..  Matthews SHOULD take any job, anywhere, other than San Diego!  Matthews is damaged goods…snakebit…accident prone!  He might surprise the football world and survive a season without injury, but I would bet my new Nike’s that won’t happen.  Matthews is a talent.  But, he is also one who has been slowed by injury, damaged goods.  His injuries mean lack of playing time for a team that needs a consistent run presence.  There’s free agent talent available and the draft is another place they can do better.  Ryan Matthews was ONCE a fixture, but now only a disability.  Get out, Chargers, while the gettin’s good!

I owe S.D. Mayor Kevin Faulconer an APOLOGY!!

I can’t believe he’s been our Mayor for a year, now!  WOW!!!  Back, during my KUSI-TV News days, I had little exposure to Mr. Faulconer.  I DID believe he was a mouthpiece for big business.  I had that opinion based on the “company” he kept and decisions he made.  I wrote, on my blog, that it would be a wrong move to vote for Faulconer.  In my life I have made many mistakes and always  the first to admit my wrong. Well, I am first in line this time to say KUDOS to Faulconer.  I totally agree with his stance on the Stadium issue.  Faulconer’s stadium committee shows civic balance and no biases..No “good old boys (or ladies)” that are owed favors or could be easily manipulated.  If the Chargers stay or “hit the road,” it won’t be because Faulconer dropped the ball.  Faulconer has been tough, tall and immovable, a real “PILLAR” who deserves our support and understanding.  He is fighting an uphill battle.  He takes the punches and keeps on “coming.”  He has turned into my kind of politician, one who “stays to fight” rather than runs for cover!