I spent half-a-day meeting and greeting the young people at the ABLE-DISABLED ADVOCACY’S YOUTH BUILD PROGRAM on Friday in the Stockton section of San Diego at 32nd & Market.  I was asked to speak to the participants about drug & alcohol abuse.  I coupled it with motivational ideas. The young men and women are part of a comprehensive youth development program that addresses several core issues facing low-income youth including education, work readiness, financial assistance and employment.  “Youth build,” as it is called, helps it’s students work towards 1) High School Diploma/GED program completion..2) Construction Training in Green Building Technologies..3) Leadership Development & Community Service & 4) Job Readiness Skills & Job Placement Assistance.  “YouthBuild’s” Multi-Craft Curriculum training is a Pre-Apprenticeship course that includes construction industry standards, CPR, First Aid and OSHA 10 Certifications.  The course also offers a pathway to post-secondary education and advanced training for other careers in the Building Trades.  The program is supported by 100% funding from the U.S. Dept. Of Labor, and each student receives a weekly stipend during training, a strong incentive to stay in the program.  In order to participate, students must be 17-20 years old, a high school dropout, a legal resident, and live in zip codes 92102, 92105, 92111, 92114, 92115 or 92139.

I especially want to thank former S.D. Chargers Def. End Burt Grossman, who oversees the program, Denise Yoggerst, Program Manager, and others who make all this possible.  If you want more information you can contact them at (619) 928-4532.  It’s so pleasing to have programs like this available to our youth.  They don’t give up on the young people and neither should you!


Why are You so worked up about the BRADY fiasco??? He’s guilty and getting off lightly!!!

Tom Brady is guilty and is getting a real sweet deal from the Commissioner.  If you think this is the first time Brady had somebody “doctor” the footballs, then you probably think O.J. Simpson was framed!   I spent most of my broadcasting life as a TV Sportscaster.  I turned to news in the early 90’s because I got tired of things like this!  Our pro athletes, in all sports, have been getting away with everything from deflating footballs to murder ever since fans started paying to see them play.  You see, you gotta keep the “stars” on the field, on the court, in the ring, or nobody shows up to watch and pay exorbitant ticket prices and sip down over-priced beers while eating hot dogs that cost more than the best filet mignon at Donovan’s.  I’m not going to say much more.  It would be a waste of time.  PLEASE wake up, America, and realize that you/we are being duped a lot of the time.  Duped by multi-billionaire owners and multi-millionaire athletes who don’t care what you or I think.  They just want you to show up and shut up…well, cheer or boo—you earned that right when you bought the over-priced ticket (s).  Just stay out of their game.  It’s a game of “get as much as you can, while you can.”  Every so often the men that run these “pro sideshows” have to throw one or two of their ego-ridden jocks to the lions.  They have to make you think they “give a “S_ _ _T.”  Brady is getting off with a hand slap.  Yeah, yeah, I know Commissioner Goodell let Ray Rice off the hook with a light sentence–but he’ll NEVER play in the NFL again.  He’s too hot a property.  You DON’T do what he did and NOT pay for it in some way.  But, Tom Brady and the Patriots know what HE did.  They also know he has been doing this for years.  Don’t drop a tear or lose any sleep, sports fans, somehow he’ll get off the hook.  You see, the box offices and Networks need him in the lineup.  The ALMIGHTY DOLLAR WINS AGAIN!  (((and, it’s all coming out of your pocket!!!)…AMEN…

I “WAS’ a HUGE Boxing fan….but no MORE!

I grew up a boxing fan. I always wanted to be a boxer. When I was a TV Sportscaster I sparred with some of the sports greatest. I always hated the “dark side” of the sport…the many punks and thugs and crooks and creeps who “walked the halls” of boxing arena’s coast to coast and border to border. When I lived and worked in Philly I got too close to the sport and had legal problems because of people like Don King and his many shyster pals. But, I still loved the “game,” the sport, and most of all the boxers. From Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier to Tex Cobb and so many others. Now, after the Pacquiao-Mayweather fiasco on Saturday I am finally “kissing the sport good-bye.” I purposely waited to write this blog so I could let the anger and other negative, hateful feelings subside. I was one of the millions who paid to see the circus. I have never liked the Floyd Mayweathers of the sports world. There are others like him, in other sports, as well. They play and participate ONLY for the money…One-time Heavyweight Champion Floyd Patterson once told me that when the “mob” ran the fight game ALL was good…but when the promoters and other slime got involved the sport began it’s slow slide into oblivion. There is NO Room anymore for the “clean,” honest promoters like my friend Bobby DePhilippis, here in San Diego. His dad once promoted the Ali-Ken Norton fight. But, those days are gone…I can see why so many have turned to those glove-less gladiators who mix marshall arts with a street fighting aura. Just keep the Don Kings and other slimeballs away from the sport, or better yet–use the boxing promoters as “practice meat” before they climb into the cages around sporting America to beat each other up! Tennis Anyone?