I am already tired of hearing all the cry babies spewing their idiotic garbage on talk radio shows.  GET OVER IT, PEOPLE!!  Tom Brady, like all other pro athletes, is human.  He/they make human mistakes and cheat like other humanoids!!!  The problem with the American sports fan is they idolize guys like Brady…Put him/they on pedestals like “false gods.” The “they can do no wrong” philosophy has gotta go.  But, maybe it’s too late.  Maybe most of you are so far gone that there’s no way to save your sorry asses…Sorry for the superlative, but this “stuff” is getting old….this love affair we have with our athletes.  I know Pete Rose very well; was around him a lot back “in the day.”  He cheated.  He broke the rules.  He should not be allowed to “share the benefits” of his athletic achievements, namely Hall of Fame enshrinement.  Tom Brady is no different.  Brady lied….concealed evidence… and.destroyed evidence when he broke up his cell phone.  And, don'[t try and tell me this was the first time he had his “flunky fellows” deflate some game balls so he could throw the balls with more accuracy.    Brady should be happy all he got is a four game suspension.  He also should be fined enough money to pay the salaries of the two dudes fired who helped their “god” manipulate the “tools of his trade.”   I could go on and on about this one.  The bottom line is very clear—Play by the rules.  Look for “the edge” by finding holes in the defense, not in the rule book.  And, most of all, if you are playing a “man’s game,” act like a man.  Don’t be afraid to look your fellow men in the eye and admit your wrong.  We have all allowed too many rule benders to bend the rules the wrong way and get away with it.  Whatever happened to “Playing for the Love of the Game,” the competition and spirit of the sport?  Oh, yeah, I forgot…..MONEY!  In order to keep the big bucks coming in you gotta win and you gotta have “your guy” making the big plays to put people in the seats so they can pay the high beer, hot dog and parking prices.  Damn—it’s America…the new land of the “not so free…”



A few months ago I was excited to see Donald Trump jump into the Presidential race. A “REAL MAN,” not one of those Stereotyped Washington Types who was afraid to look a problem in the eye and REALLY try to solve it.  Trump is a man who made me remember Ronald Reagan.  That “IS” has changed to a “WAS.”  Now, I can’t wait to see him go away!  I don’t like Trump’s narcissistic nature.  It reminds me too much of what I once was when booze and “other” stimulants fueled my life.  I enjoyed TV News and Sports.  I loved dealing with the people, the fans.  I DID not like dealing with most TV Anchor types who thought they had the world “by the short hairs!”  I was one of them, though!  Yep, I DID NOT like myself.  It took a “bottom hitting” episode in my life to wake me up to reality.  I looked in the mirror and “saw what I Didn’t like.”  I had become “one of them.”

Politicians closely resemble TV News-types.  The ego’s are the same.  Trump fits right in.  Sadly, our America is in trouble because of our newly acquired “love-hate” feeling toward guys like him. I can’t blame you, though, our past couple of Presidents (which includes the current one), have taken us on a ride, a ride fueled by ignorance, self gratification and our own lack of interest in what’s REALLY going on.  We, as a country, should be tired of being “hoodwinked” by politicians who continually “blow smoke up our naïve behinds,”   and anchors who try to get us to believe every story is “breaking news.”  We buy into everything!!!

Wake up, people.  Step back and analyze what is being said to you by politicos and news media types.  All they are doing is selling air time and their own, tainted, misguided theories.  It’s gotta stop before we all wake up one day and find ISIS at our doors and nobody, with a REAL plan, to get us back on track.  This train ride we have been on has to slow down.  We are headed for a dark tunnel that has no end.  There’s still time to wake up and save Old Glory.  I’m not some John Bircher, seasoned with a “touch of McCarthyism” who thinks ALL are commies leading us to the “fires of hell.”  I am a fun-loving, concerned citizen who wants others to take a second look at what we have created.  Like I said, there is still time to “right the ship” if we can just get the right “captain and crew.”