Who Pays For WATER LOSS When Construction Workers Break WATER MAINS?

I’ve got one for you? With California in the midst of a major drought, who pays for water loss when construction workers break water mains causing mass flooding and loss of water? I thought about this today while I was watching the evening news. The lead story in most newscasts on TV & Radio was all about a water main break in Downtown San Diego at First Avenue & F Streets. It seems a construction company is responsible for the break, and should shoulder the blame for the water loss. After all, aren’t we threatened with fines if we are caught wasting water? What could be more of a waste than having a water main broken? We know the crew didn’t intentionally break the “main,” but that “goes with the flow,” so to speak. There should be more careful consideration when doing such work, especially during the drought!
Put in a call to your city, county and state legislators. Let them know how you think. PLEASE don’t take that California laid back attitude. We have to look out for each other. Don’t let things like this go away without notice and penalty. Amen!



I, along with most of you, like having the Chargers in San Diego. For that matter, I don’t care what the team’s name, I like having a pro football team and baseball team in “our town.” However, we are NOT being realistic when we favor paying big bucks for a facility that does NOT give us something back, besides periodic entertainment and enjoyment…If San Diego taxpayers are going to be asked to “foot” any part of a stadium bill, that’s not so good when we are facing possible catastrophe if this drought continues. Whether this current drought continues, or not, the future is not so bright for us or our kids. Recently NASA scientist Jay Famiglietti, writing in the L.A, Times, noted that “2015 was the driest in California since record keeping began in 1895,” and that “groundwater and snowpack measurements are at all-time lows.” Famiglietti went on to write that, based on NASA calculations, “Californias drought may cause the state to run out of water completely by 2016. Immediate water restrictions have been announced by the Governor, but many are NOT abiding. There are those in upperclass areas, like Rancho Santa Fe, Palm Springs, et al, that are turning deaf ears to the demands. Even if we were to get a little lucky and squeeze another year out of this water loss, NASA says a Megadrought could start as early as 2050. If you are wondering what the result could be—take a drive to the desert soon and see what megadroughts leave behind.
So, I am asking you to do your own investigation if you don’t believe NASA Scientists. I am one that admires and respects and trusts their work. These men and women of NASA aren’t snake oil salesmen, the only thing they have to gain is our trust, and they have mine.
To battle the lack of water the largest desalination plant in the U.S. will be completed next year in Carlsbad. It ain’t cheap and it will take more than one plant to handle our growing population. If you want to know more “Google it” and get educated.
Now, the stadium issue. If you ask me I would be telling my elected officials and the Chargers they better not ask “us” for any money. We have our own problems. It’s that simple, my friends. We are America’s Finest City, not because the “Super Bowl title-less Chargers” play here. Its because of what we have to offer. Sun, beaches, and more beaches and more sun!!! We need to be thinking about saving our bucks for more desalination plants and re-claimed water facilitaies. If this stadium deal passes and we are burdened with a large “bill,” we had better tell all tourists to BYOB (bring your own bottled water) and be prepared to “bathe by the bay,” because we can’t guarantee OUR water supply will be here waiting for you.