Dear Dean:
It’s been a while since we “crossed paths.” I have been retired, now, almost 7 years. I miss the “action” and the people and guys like you. You always impressed me because you “stayed out of the Fray,” so to speak. You hired people to do the work for you. Unfortunately some of those you hired were “NOODNICKS!!!” I’m not writing today to complain about coach or G.M. hirings. As a matter of fact, I think you might have a pretty good team with your current G.M. and head coach. The media types don’t like the coach because he doesn’t talk to them like they were “pals” or “roomies..” The media has always been like that. IF you don’t throw them the best quotes or occasional favors, you end up on their sh_T list…
I’m writing today to tell you that I have no problem with you looking to move your “business” to another location if this one doesn’t “pan out!” What the fans don’t realize is “their” football team is “Your livelihood.” The only team in the league that “owes it’s soul” to the fans is Green Bay. The Packers have been a “publicly owned” team since their inception. For over a dozen years you have been trying to get the city to erect a new stadium. For over a dozen years you have been turned back. You “stayed the course,” kept your “fight in the ring,” pushed, lobbied and begged for something to be done to keep your team in San Diego. You hired Mark Fabiani to be your Special Counsel, your “lead horse,” the muscle. Your “point man.” He has done his job. If the Lakers had Fabiani as their point guard they’d be headed for the playoffs.
Now, you wait for the Mayors task force to try and find the financial solution. I don’t agree with the Mission Valley location. I, too, think the stadium belongs downtown. What you decide to do is, and should be, your call. You are the proprietor. I don’t want to see the people of San Diego strapped with a huge payoff or taxes. After the Petco Park “heist” by John Moores, we’ll be paying “long into the century and beyond.”
As much as I love the Chargers and the people of San Diego, I also am a realist. I understand the business aspect of all of this. It’s like my friend Alfonso. His family has had a superb Mexican restaurant in La Jolla for 32 years. The landlord has “upped” the rent again…through the roof…so Alfonso is looking for a new location out of La Jolla. His “fans” don’t want him to go, but it’s all about business. Loyalty is not the key word here..It’s DINERO, my friend, and YOU have the same concerns.
Good LUCK in your endeavors, Dean. I know you will be the most hated man in San Diego modern history if you move the team. But, you gotta do what you gotta do. Your loyalty is to you, your family and your team’s fate.
Love & Kisses,