Firing Bud Black Had to come, and come NOW!

I like Bud Black and I liked his managerial tools. However, when you are losing, it’s pretty tough to “fire” the whole team! You could “smell it coming” when the club hired their new General Manager. I am surprised it took him this long to “make the move” on Bud. You see, General Managers want their “own man” in the dugout. The move also has to happen if your big money lineup is playing erratic, with “nickel and dime” moments that don’t belong with a multi-million dollar payroll. Dave Roberts will do okay as interim manager. He’s lucky he has the Oakland A’s in town for a few days. You and your half-lame sister could beat this club. Let’s just hope Black’s replacement is a dude with some fire. I don’t mean the Earl Weaver or Dick Williams personality type, but close! A little whip cracking from time to time keeps the “lions on their toes” and a “little more awake.” Bud was too mellow for this group. Even when he argued with the umps he did it with gentlemanly behavior. We’ll see…there’s plenty of time to get this freight train going in the right direction with a little more steam. Let’s just hope the players buy into Bud’s replacement. I, like you, am tired of the same old, same old!