Thanks, Gary Kelly, and your Scripps Ranch students!

I have always had a special place in my heart for those young people who choose a life in the media.  Whether it is in print or broadcast media, I love speaking to them and helping them along.  My role as a public speaker is to give the students ideas and support that will carry them further into their chosen field.  Many students just “let a speaker rattle on,” not Mr. Kelly’s Scripps Ranch Students.  Mr. Kelly’s students came to listen to my speech, take notes, ask questions and add some of my knowledge to their growing reservoirs of video knowledge.  Many of the students plan to work in other fields, but since video is so dominant in our society today, in all work fields, my public speaking at Scripps did not go unnoticed or unheard!  Thanks, Scripps Ranch, you made me feel like my time was well spent.  Can’t wait to get back and pick up where we left off!


Love those young people at Crawford High in San Diego!

Twice, now, since the first of the year, I have been a guest speaker to Janet Quadah’s students at Crawford.  The classes consisted of young men and women from all over the world. Crawford is a real “melting pot” in the San Diego unified school district.  The students represent many countries, from freshman to seniors, all accounting students. They were very attentive as I spoke about my life as an alcoholic and drug user.  I spoke to them about my successful life as a sports and newscaster.  They really listened closely as I told them how much my growing up mirrored theirs.  I came from a middle class family with an alcoholic father.  I told them how I had the “alcoholic gene” and battled all my life, and that many of them would have to do the same.  The statistics show 1 in 10 will be affected by alcohol or drug addiction, either directly or because one close to them suffered from addiction.  They wrote me some super letters after I left.  I can’t wait to return to Crawford as a guest speaker, a very special place for me.