This is the first time in 17 years that Padres fans have a legitimate reason to be optimistic. I, too, believe the opening day roster has the signs of a real contender. However, they HAVE to play 162 games, and win at least one more than the next guy. The “next guy’s” are the Dodgers and Giants. I don’t believe the Diamondbacks and Rockies are “in the hunt.” The Padres ownership finally dug the franchise out of the mess created years ago by John Moores and Larry Lucchino. No reason to waste any more time looking back at what “was.” The future is bright if the money and logical thinking continues to flow from the management offices at Petco Park. The Padres overhaul is centered around 3 outfielders, led by former Dodger Matt Kemp, Tampa’s Will Myers and Atlanta’s Justin Upton. The biggest “catch” in this “financial fishing derby” might have been pitcher James Shields. The righthander helped Kansas City get to the World Series last year with a 14-8 record and a 3.21 ERA. Shields adds strength to an already “loaded” staff of veteran starters and relievers. With all this “new blood” the Padres still are picked. by Baseball experts and Vegas oddsmakers to finish behind the Dodgers. But, if the Padres can stay healthy, and perform as advertised, they should turn the Division into a legitimate “run for the roses.” If they are going to win this horse race they have to get out of the gate clean and quick! With our drought and the Chargers stadium fiasco tarnishing our lives this summer a Padres World Series “run” would certainly be the right remedy! Putting it all in the proper perspective would be in the expression left us by the late Jerry Coleman: “OH, DOCTOR!!!” Fasten your seat belts this could be a wild ride!!!



I LOVE San Diego!!!  It’s just not the weather, but the people and the atmosphere.  I lived on the east coast a long time and the fast pace was okay, but I have become accustomed to the slower pace (well, life’s pace, not the I-5).  I am, though, bothered by the way our City Council does most of it’s business.  I have always been a fan of the Council, since they honored me twice with Rod Luck Day in San Diego when I was working full time at KUSI.  I appreciated their recognition, and paid them back by promoting “America’s Finest City.”  I am, though, worried about some of the decisions made by THIS Council.  The most recent “debacle” was the approval of the “ONE PASEO” mixed-use project in Carmel Valley.  The project includes the construction of stores and eateries, theatre, office space, over 600 apartment units, shops and parking, plus much more.  The developer, Kilroy Realty, has spent hundreds of thousands, if not, millions of dollars spewing propaganda why this project is good for Carmel Valley and San Diego, in general.  The City Council voted 7-2 to approve the deal, which “smells” of some “backroom dealing!”  The only two descending votes came from Sherri Lightner  and Council President Pro Tem Marti Emerald.  Both Lightner and Emerald are probably sleeping much better than their 7 cohorts.  They voted with their conscience.  Anybody in their right, civic mind would have sent this “raw deal” back to the Kilroy people in a shredded pile of “no thank you’s!!!”  I’m not saying the other council members, let’s call them the “unleaven seven,” are or were “on the take,” financially, but hoodwinked by some sharp rhetoric and future promises to be delivered “down the road.”  It happens all the time.  John Moores and his sidekick, Larry Lucchino, used every tactic possible to sell the media, council and eventually the voters, on the Petco deal.  Petco Park is a great asset, but the voters will be paying for a long while on that promise.  So, where are we on the ONE-PASEO fiasco?  The opponents have handed over boxes of signatures that need to be verified in order to override the Council vote and get this project before the voters. In return, the ONE-PASEO posse has done the same with collections of signatures from those who voted and asked to have their signature removed from the recall petitions.  We’ll all know the signature verification outcome sometime in April.  IF the “good guys” win PLEASE vote against this abomination.  IF it passes, and becomes reality, I will promise you your neighborhood’s are next.  If you don’t want to become another L.A., then be prepared to keep Kilroy from being San Diego’s Killjoy!