If we are going to fight the drought the “WEALTHY” have to help!!!

The other day I wrote, on my blog, about the California drought. I suggested we spend our money on desalination plants, instead of a billion dollar football stadium. The ocean is sitting there waiting for us to “tap into it!” The first desalination plant in America will soon be ready in Carlsbad. But that plant, I am told, will only make salt-free water available to less than 10% of our growing San Diego area population. We cam also used reclaimed water. It has been proven that the method used to purify this “brand” of water is “foul proof…” We would just have to get use to it. After all, when you don’t have something, accepting the alternative becomes a necessity. I also said that the wealthy in Rancho Santa Fe, Palm Springs and other affluent areas had to “come on board” and join the rest of us in preserving what we have. To check things out I took a drive today in and around Rancho Santa Fe and THE FARMS and a few other neighborhoods populated by the Wealthy. I was disturbed. I stopped counting at 30 before I quit keeping track. The grass in those communities was greener than Bill Gates bank accounts. I hope the state and county inspectors are writing tickets. Many of those who are ticketed don’t care. Their checks are aplenty! Maybe the inspectors should carry wrenches with them so they can shut down the pipes! You can bet the lawyers will be busy and the water will continue to flow. Hey, PEOPLE, and that means ALL of US—we have to take this drought thing seriously. As I said in my previous blog NASA scientists are predicting that we will be out of “useful” water by sometime next year if this drought continues. IF you see violators violating do something about it. Call me. I will bring my wrenches along and help you out.