I Want to be the Next Guest Speaker at your School, Civic Organization, or Church Group about Drug and Alcohol Abuse

I loved being a TV sportscaster and newsman for 40 years. I had spent a lot of my professional time helping kids, minorities, veterans, the disabled, homeless and others. Although off camera, my whirlwind life was full of drug and alcohol abuse. Now its over 6.5 years being sober!

Students Engages as Guest Speaker Rod Luck talks about Drug and Alcohol AbuseAlcoholism and recreational drug use kill more of our young people than any disease or war. It certainly made a detrimental difference in my life. After retirement and being sober for nearly 7 years, I decided “I wanted to be on the front lines of this battle”. I have an enormous passion to change lives through my Guest Speaking engagements. I know that kids have a youthful feeling of invincibility and many have said that they won’t listen. I don’t, and won’t, accept that.

I began going to High Schools as a Guest Speaker, speaking to students about drug and alcohol abuse. I know I can help “save some of those lives.” Because of my personal experience, as a Guest Speaker I bring it “home”, right to the student’s doorstep. I talk to them eye-to-eye, friend to friend. I don’t pull any punches.

Besides speaking about drug and alcohol usage being a “conscious choice and the damage it causes”, as a Guest Speaker I talk about motivation and getting to the top, becoming a winner and a leader. My personal and professional life has made me passionate about being a Guest Speaker in your class or in your group.

Students Engaged as Guest Speaker Rod Luck talks about Drug and Alcohol AbuseI have had some phenomenal responses from students who’ve attended my talks as the Guest Speaker. Many students have said I was an amazing Guest Speaker that I connected and related to them in a way no other adult or Guest Speaker has. Some have shared that my talks as the Guest Speaker were awe inspiring and the most engaging they’d ever listened to and that as I talked to them, it gave them a soul changing experience.

After years in television speaking on camera and within the community, I’m comfortable in front of audiences large or small. As a Guest Speaker, just like on television, I’m good at “informing” and “performing” to keep the audience engaged, interested, and listening. I’m passionate about spreading the message “Drugs and Alcohol, whether recreational or not, ruins lives.”

The student’s reactions continue to ignite my passion for Guest Speaking. They have said it feels as if I were made to teach those whose lives are in some need. And they’re right, I love helping people. I feel like I owe it to, not just the young men and women, but to parents and society. As a Guest Speaker, I want to make a difference. I want to be your next Guest Speaker. So if you have a school, church, or civic organization, contact me, if we work together many lives can be saved!

I have more information on my website, or you can contact me directly by email (Rod@RodLuckOnline.com) or use the form below:


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