I “WAS’ a HUGE Boxing fan….but no MORE!

I grew up a boxing fan. I always wanted to be a boxer. When I was a TV Sportscaster I sparred with some of the sports greatest. I always hated the “dark side” of the sport…the many punks and thugs and crooks and creeps who “walked the halls” of boxing arena’s coast to coast and border to border. When I lived and worked in Philly I got too close to the sport and had legal problems because of people like Don King and his many shyster pals. But, I still loved the “game,” the sport, and most of all the boxers. From Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier to Tex Cobb and so many others. Now, after the Pacquiao-Mayweather fiasco on Saturday I am finally “kissing the sport good-bye.” I purposely waited to write this blog so I could let the anger and other negative, hateful feelings subside. I was one of the millions who paid to see the circus. I have never liked the Floyd Mayweathers of the sports world. There are others like him, in other sports, as well. They play and participate ONLY for the money…One-time Heavyweight Champion Floyd Patterson once told me that when the “mob” ran the fight game ALL was good…but when the promoters and other slime got involved the sport began it’s slow slide into oblivion. There is NO Room anymore for the “clean,” honest promoters like my friend Bobby DePhilippis, here in San Diego. His dad once promoted the Ali-Ken Norton fight. But, those days are gone…I can see why so many have turned to those glove-less gladiators who mix marshall arts with a street fighting aura. Just keep the Don Kings and other slimeballs away from the sport, or better yet–use the boxing promoters as “practice meat” before they climb into the cages around sporting America to beat each other up! Tennis Anyone?


If we are going to fight the drought the “WEALTHY” have to help!!!

The other day I wrote, on my blog, about the California drought. I suggested we spend our money on desalination plants, instead of a billion dollar football stadium. The ocean is sitting there waiting for us to “tap into it!” The first desalination plant in America will soon be ready in Carlsbad. But that plant, I am told, will only make salt-free water available to less than 10% of our growing San Diego area population. We cam also used reclaimed water. It has been proven that the method used to purify this “brand” of water is “foul proof…” We would just have to get use to it. After all, when you don’t have something, accepting the alternative becomes a necessity. I also said that the wealthy in Rancho Santa Fe, Palm Springs and other affluent areas had to “come on board” and join the rest of us in preserving what we have. To check things out I took a drive today in and around Rancho Santa Fe and THE FARMS and a few other neighborhoods populated by the Wealthy. I was disturbed. I stopped counting at 30 before I quit keeping track. The grass in those communities was greener than Bill Gates bank accounts. I hope the state and county inspectors are writing tickets. Many of those who are ticketed don’t care. Their checks are aplenty! Maybe the inspectors should carry wrenches with them so they can shut down the pipes! You can bet the lawyers will be busy and the water will continue to flow. Hey, PEOPLE, and that means ALL of US—we have to take this drought thing seriously. As I said in my previous blog NASA scientists are predicting that we will be out of “useful” water by sometime next year if this drought continues. IF you see violators violating do something about it. Call me. I will bring my wrenches along and help you out.


I, along with most of you, like having the Chargers in San Diego. For that matter, I don’t care what the team’s name, I like having a pro football team and baseball team in “our town.” However, we are NOT being realistic when we favor paying big bucks for a facility that does NOT give us something back, besides periodic entertainment and enjoyment…If San Diego taxpayers are going to be asked to “foot” any part of a stadium bill, that’s not so good when we are facing possible catastrophe if this drought continues. Whether this current drought continues, or not, the future is not so bright for us or our kids. Recently NASA scientist Jay Famiglietti, writing in the L.A, Times, noted that “2015 was the driest in California since record keeping began in 1895,” and that “groundwater and snowpack measurements are at all-time lows.” Famiglietti went on to write that, based on NASA calculations, “Californias drought may cause the state to run out of water completely by 2016. Immediate water restrictions have been announced by the Governor, but many are NOT abiding. There are those in upperclass areas, like Rancho Santa Fe, Palm Springs, et al, that are turning deaf ears to the demands. Even if we were to get a little lucky and squeeze another year out of this water loss, NASA says a Megadrought could start as early as 2050. If you are wondering what the result could be—take a drive to the desert soon and see what megadroughts leave behind.
So, I am asking you to do your own investigation if you don’t believe NASA Scientists. I am one that admires and respects and trusts their work. These men and women of NASA aren’t snake oil salesmen, the only thing they have to gain is our trust, and they have mine.
To battle the lack of water the largest desalination plant in the U.S. will be completed next year in Carlsbad. It ain’t cheap and it will take more than one plant to handle our growing population. If you want to know more “Google it” and get educated.
Now, the stadium issue. If you ask me I would be telling my elected officials and the Chargers they better not ask “us” for any money. We have our own problems. It’s that simple, my friends. We are America’s Finest City, not because the “Super Bowl title-less Chargers” play here. Its because of what we have to offer. Sun, beaches, and more beaches and more sun!!! We need to be thinking about saving our bucks for more desalination plants and re-claimed water facilitaies. If this stadium deal passes and we are burdened with a large “bill,” we had better tell all tourists to BYOB (bring your own bottled water) and be prepared to “bathe by the bay,” because we can’t guarantee OUR water supply will be here waiting for you.


This is the first time in 17 years that Padres fans have a legitimate reason to be optimistic. I, too, believe the opening day roster has the signs of a real contender. However, they HAVE to play 162 games, and win at least one more than the next guy. The “next guy’s” are the Dodgers and Giants. I don’t believe the Diamondbacks and Rockies are “in the hunt.” The Padres ownership finally dug the franchise out of the mess created years ago by John Moores and Larry Lucchino. No reason to waste any more time looking back at what “was.” The future is bright if the money and logical thinking continues to flow from the management offices at Petco Park. The Padres overhaul is centered around 3 outfielders, led by former Dodger Matt Kemp, Tampa’s Will Myers and Atlanta’s Justin Upton. The biggest “catch” in this “financial fishing derby” might have been pitcher James Shields. The righthander helped Kansas City get to the World Series last year with a 14-8 record and a 3.21 ERA. Shields adds strength to an already “loaded” staff of veteran starters and relievers. With all this “new blood” the Padres still are picked. by Baseball experts and Vegas oddsmakers to finish behind the Dodgers. But, if the Padres can stay healthy, and perform as advertised, they should turn the Division into a legitimate “run for the roses.” If they are going to win this horse race they have to get out of the gate clean and quick! With our drought and the Chargers stadium fiasco tarnishing our lives this summer a Padres World Series “run” would certainly be the right remedy! Putting it all in the proper perspective would be in the expression left us by the late Jerry Coleman: “OH, DOCTOR!!!” Fasten your seat belts this could be a wild ride!!!


Hey San Diego area “friends…” When I first walked into the CALIFORNIA BICYCLE store on La Jolla Blvd. I was greeted with a handshake and smile and honesty. Not being a “bicycle connoisseur” I was at Manager Kevin Millard’s mercy. Susan and I had bought a couple of “cruisers,” elsewhere, about 6 months ago, but was never really told they would be tough when it came to climbing hills and managine steep street inclines. Having had two total knee replacements, I still am re-building my strength and found the one-speed cruiser a little tough. I wanted more, and so did she. We told Kevin and his sales guys we didn’t want to get in over our heads–they accommodated. When we brought our cruisers we were “worked” pretty good by the sales guys. We hadn’t owned bikes since we were kids..What did we know? NADA! We needed honesty–something hard to find in not just bicycle stores. We were fitted with two seven speed bikes. PERFECT for us and what we wanted and what we could handle. I’m not one to endorse anything unless I am paid to do it, but if you are looking—give CALIFORNIA BICYCLE a look and a chance. IF you are a big time bike “addict,” they can meet most of your needs, as well. I was given a tour of the store after I asked “..Just how expensive can bikes get?” I was shown price tags from 2 thousand to the 11,000-plus hand made Italian carbon fiber beauty…So, give’em a look, whether buying for the first time or upgrading your “stable.” You can find “CALIFORNIA BICYCLE” at 7462 La Jolla Blvd…right where Pearl turns left at the Chevron station…can’t miss it…if you get there—tell’em LUCK sent ya! Maybe they’ll throw in some free air! lol…


I have NEVER before been so impressed with a family doctor. You see, this particular family doctor also is my sports medicine doctor. I was referred to Alan Richburg by good friend and former L.A. Clippers head coach Don Casey. That was a few years ago and it’s been the best “few years” of my adult life. I had just about gave up on finding a doctor who REALLY took my interests to heart. I’m not saying others were uninterested, but they never made me feel like I was a “real concern,” just another body to work on! I have had over 20 surgeries to fix old injuries I had sustained as a Participatory Sports Announcer all over America. When I found out that Dr. Richburg was a family physician and a sports medicine doctor, I felt like I had hit the “medical jackpot.” You see, as I get older I want to get “even older.” I want my doctor to help me as if I was a young man with a long future ahead, not just a senior “treading life’s waters” hoping for a few good years before “checking out!!!”
DR. Richburg is more than qualified. With his leadership San Diego Sports Medicine and Family Health Center has blossomed into a top flight, first class facility in Sorrento Valley. I have also rehabbed my surgically replaced knees and shoulder there, with one more to go. Dr. Richburg is not a surgical doctor. He has geniuses like Dr. Christopher Behr who do that work.
Dr. Richburg has quite a history. He was an NCAA Wrestling champion and is one of California’s top bike racers. Besides his thriving practice, Dr. Richburg is also the senior team Doctor for SDSU Athletics, from Basketball and Football to Soccer, volleyball, track, water polo, you name it. You will also find him at the Olympic Training Center and numerous High Schools in S.D. County. He has all of these many sports at various institutions and he never misses an “in house” appointment. IS this dude a Magician or what? No, folks, he’s my doctor and I want you to check him out. I am getting nothing for writing this, except satisfaction and the thrill to “turn him on to you!!!” You can find him listed..San Diego Sports Medicine and Family Health Center, 4010 Sorrento Valley Blvd., San Diego, 92121. I can guarantee this ie one stop you will wanna make and never regret. And, by the way, when you get there, tell’em LUCK sent ya!


Dear Dean:
It’s been a while since we “crossed paths.” I have been retired, now, almost 7 years. I miss the “action” and the people and guys like you. You always impressed me because you “stayed out of the Fray,” so to speak. You hired people to do the work for you. Unfortunately some of those you hired were “NOODNICKS!!!” I’m not writing today to complain about coach or G.M. hirings. As a matter of fact, I think you might have a pretty good team with your current G.M. and head coach. The media types don’t like the coach because he doesn’t talk to them like they were “pals” or “roomies..” The media has always been like that. IF you don’t throw them the best quotes or occasional favors, you end up on their sh_T list…
I’m writing today to tell you that I have no problem with you looking to move your “business” to another location if this one doesn’t “pan out!” What the fans don’t realize is “their” football team is “Your livelihood.” The only team in the league that “owes it’s soul” to the fans is Green Bay. The Packers have been a “publicly owned” team since their inception. For over a dozen years you have been trying to get the city to erect a new stadium. For over a dozen years you have been turned back. You “stayed the course,” kept your “fight in the ring,” pushed, lobbied and begged for something to be done to keep your team in San Diego. You hired Mark Fabiani to be your Special Counsel, your “lead horse,” the muscle. Your “point man.” He has done his job. If the Lakers had Fabiani as their point guard they’d be headed for the playoffs.
Now, you wait for the Mayors task force to try and find the financial solution. I don’t agree with the Mission Valley location. I, too, think the stadium belongs downtown. What you decide to do is, and should be, your call. You are the proprietor. I don’t want to see the people of San Diego strapped with a huge payoff or taxes. After the Petco Park “heist” by John Moores, we’ll be paying “long into the century and beyond.”
As much as I love the Chargers and the people of San Diego, I also am a realist. I understand the business aspect of all of this. It’s like my friend Alfonso. His family has had a superb Mexican restaurant in La Jolla for 32 years. The landlord has “upped” the rent again…through the roof…so Alfonso is looking for a new location out of La Jolla. His “fans” don’t want him to go, but it’s all about business. Loyalty is not the key word here..It’s DINERO, my friend, and YOU have the same concerns.
Good LUCK in your endeavors, Dean. I know you will be the most hated man in San Diego modern history if you move the team. But, you gotta do what you gotta do. Your loyalty is to you, your family and your team’s fate.
Love & Kisses,