I “WAS’ a HUGE Boxing fan….but no MORE!

I grew up a boxing fan. I always wanted to be a boxer. When I was a TV Sportscaster I sparred with some of the sports greatest. I always hated the “dark side” of the sport…the many punks and thugs and crooks and creeps who “walked the halls” of boxing arena’s coast to coast and border to border. When I lived and worked in Philly I got too close to the sport and had legal problems because of people like Don King and his many shyster pals. But, I still loved the “game,” the sport, and most of all the boxers. From Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier to Tex Cobb and so many others. Now, after the Pacquiao-Mayweather fiasco on Saturday I am finally “kissing the sport good-bye.” I purposely waited to write this blog so I could let the anger and other negative, hateful feelings subside. I was one of the millions who paid to see the circus. I have never liked the Floyd Mayweathers of the sports world. There are others like him, in other sports, as well. They play and participate ONLY for the money…One-time Heavyweight Champion Floyd Patterson once told me that when the “mob” ran the fight game ALL was good…but when the promoters and other slime got involved the sport began it’s slow slide into oblivion. There is NO Room anymore for the “clean,” honest promoters like my friend Bobby DePhilippis, here in San Diego. His dad once promoted the Ali-Ken Norton fight. But, those days are gone…I can see why so many have turned to those glove-less gladiators who mix marshall arts with a street fighting aura. Just keep the Don Kings and other slimeballs away from the sport, or better yet–use the boxing promoters as “practice meat” before they climb into the cages around sporting America to beat each other up! Tennis Anyone?



California boxing “Hall of Fame” promoter and the NABF “Female Promoter of the Year,” Bobby DePhilippis opens his 2015 boxing season at the FOUR POINTS SHERATON HOTEL (8110 Aero Dr.) Friday night (20th) at 6:30.  Grandson of former H.W. Champ, Leon Spinks, will headline the “card.”  Besides the Spinks fight, there will be five others featuring five local boxers….led by undefeated Prince “Tiger” Smalls (6-0-1),  and National City sensation, Adrian Vargas (12-0-1, 7 KO)….Come join me and Susan and all the other local fight fans.  DePhilippis always puts on a superb show.  Get there early or call (619) 420-8866 for tickets, or go to WWW.SANDIEGOFIGHTS.COM.