Who Pays For WATER LOSS When Construction Workers Break WATER MAINS?

I’ve got one for you? With California in the midst of a major drought, who pays for water loss when construction workers break water mains causing mass flooding and loss of water? I thought about this today while I was watching the evening news. The lead story in most newscasts on TV & Radio was all about a water main break in Downtown San Diego at First Avenue & F Streets. It seems a construction company is responsible for the break, and should shoulder the blame for the water loss. After all, aren’t we threatened with fines if we are caught wasting water? What could be more of a waste than having a water main broken? We know the crew didn’t intentionally break the “main,” but that “goes with the flow,” so to speak. There should be more careful consideration when doing such work, especially during the drought!
Put in a call to your city, county and state legislators. Let them know how you think. PLEASE don’t take that California laid back attitude. We have to look out for each other. Don’t let things like this go away without notice and penalty. Amen!



I have NEVER before been so impressed with a family doctor. You see, this particular family doctor also is my sports medicine doctor. I was referred to Alan Richburg by good friend and former L.A. Clippers head coach Don Casey. That was a few years ago and it’s been the best “few years” of my adult life. I had just about gave up on finding a doctor who REALLY took my interests to heart. I’m not saying others were uninterested, but they never made me feel like I was a “real concern,” just another body to work on! I have had over 20 surgeries to fix old injuries I had sustained as a Participatory Sports Announcer all over America. When I found out that Dr. Richburg was a family physician and a sports medicine doctor, I felt like I had hit the “medical jackpot.” You see, as I get older I want to get “even older.” I want my doctor to help me as if I was a young man with a long future ahead, not just a senior “treading life’s waters” hoping for a few good years before “checking out!!!”
DR. Richburg is more than qualified. With his leadership San Diego Sports Medicine and Family Health Center has blossomed into a top flight, first class facility in Sorrento Valley. I have also rehabbed my surgically replaced knees and shoulder there, with one more to go. Dr. Richburg is not a surgical doctor. He has geniuses like Dr. Christopher Behr who do that work.
Dr. Richburg has quite a history. He was an NCAA Wrestling champion and is one of California’s top bike racers. Besides his thriving practice, Dr. Richburg is also the senior team Doctor for SDSU Athletics, from Basketball and Football to Soccer, volleyball, track, water polo, you name it. You will also find him at the Olympic Training Center and numerous High Schools in S.D. County. He has all of these many sports at various institutions and he never misses an “in house” appointment. IS this dude a Magician or what? No, folks, he’s my doctor and I want you to check him out. I am getting nothing for writing this, except satisfaction and the thrill to “turn him on to you!!!” You can find him listed..San Diego Sports Medicine and Family Health Center, 4010 Sorrento Valley Blvd., San Diego, 92121. I can guarantee this ie one stop you will wanna make and never regret. And, by the way, when you get there, tell’em LUCK sent ya!


Dear Dean:
It’s been a while since we “crossed paths.” I have been retired, now, almost 7 years. I miss the “action” and the people and guys like you. You always impressed me because you “stayed out of the Fray,” so to speak. You hired people to do the work for you. Unfortunately some of those you hired were “NOODNICKS!!!” I’m not writing today to complain about coach or G.M. hirings. As a matter of fact, I think you might have a pretty good team with your current G.M. and head coach. The media types don’t like the coach because he doesn’t talk to them like they were “pals” or “roomies..” The media has always been like that. IF you don’t throw them the best quotes or occasional favors, you end up on their sh_T list…
I’m writing today to tell you that I have no problem with you looking to move your “business” to another location if this one doesn’t “pan out!” What the fans don’t realize is “their” football team is “Your livelihood.” The only team in the league that “owes it’s soul” to the fans is Green Bay. The Packers have been a “publicly owned” team since their inception. For over a dozen years you have been trying to get the city to erect a new stadium. For over a dozen years you have been turned back. You “stayed the course,” kept your “fight in the ring,” pushed, lobbied and begged for something to be done to keep your team in San Diego. You hired Mark Fabiani to be your Special Counsel, your “lead horse,” the muscle. Your “point man.” He has done his job. If the Lakers had Fabiani as their point guard they’d be headed for the playoffs.
Now, you wait for the Mayors task force to try and find the financial solution. I don’t agree with the Mission Valley location. I, too, think the stadium belongs downtown. What you decide to do is, and should be, your call. You are the proprietor. I don’t want to see the people of San Diego strapped with a huge payoff or taxes. After the Petco Park “heist” by John Moores, we’ll be paying “long into the century and beyond.”
As much as I love the Chargers and the people of San Diego, I also am a realist. I understand the business aspect of all of this. It’s like my friend Alfonso. His family has had a superb Mexican restaurant in La Jolla for 32 years. The landlord has “upped” the rent again…through the roof…so Alfonso is looking for a new location out of La Jolla. His “fans” don’t want him to go, but it’s all about business. Loyalty is not the key word here..It’s DINERO, my friend, and YOU have the same concerns.
Good LUCK in your endeavors, Dean. I know you will be the most hated man in San Diego modern history if you move the team. But, you gotta do what you gotta do. Your loyalty is to you, your family and your team’s fate.
Love & Kisses,


I LOVE San Diego!!!  It’s just not the weather, but the people and the atmosphere.  I lived on the east coast a long time and the fast pace was okay, but I have become accustomed to the slower pace (well, life’s pace, not the I-5).  I am, though, bothered by the way our City Council does most of it’s business.  I have always been a fan of the Council, since they honored me twice with Rod Luck Day in San Diego when I was working full time at KUSI.  I appreciated their recognition, and paid them back by promoting “America’s Finest City.”  I am, though, worried about some of the decisions made by THIS Council.  The most recent “debacle” was the approval of the “ONE PASEO” mixed-use project in Carmel Valley.  The project includes the construction of stores and eateries, theatre, office space, over 600 apartment units, shops and parking, plus much more.  The developer, Kilroy Realty, has spent hundreds of thousands, if not, millions of dollars spewing propaganda why this project is good for Carmel Valley and San Diego, in general.  The City Council voted 7-2 to approve the deal, which “smells” of some “backroom dealing!”  The only two descending votes came from Sherri Lightner  and Council President Pro Tem Marti Emerald.  Both Lightner and Emerald are probably sleeping much better than their 7 cohorts.  They voted with their conscience.  Anybody in their right, civic mind would have sent this “raw deal” back to the Kilroy people in a shredded pile of “no thank you’s!!!”  I’m not saying the other council members, let’s call them the “unleaven seven,” are or were “on the take,” financially, but hoodwinked by some sharp rhetoric and future promises to be delivered “down the road.”  It happens all the time.  John Moores and his sidekick, Larry Lucchino, used every tactic possible to sell the media, council and eventually the voters, on the Petco deal.  Petco Park is a great asset, but the voters will be paying for a long while on that promise.  So, where are we on the ONE-PASEO fiasco?  The opponents have handed over boxes of signatures that need to be verified in order to override the Council vote and get this project before the voters. In return, the ONE-PASEO posse has done the same with collections of signatures from those who voted and asked to have their signature removed from the recall petitions.  We’ll all know the signature verification outcome sometime in April.  IF the “good guys” win PLEASE vote against this abomination.  IF it passes, and becomes reality, I will promise you your neighborhood’s are next.  If you don’t want to become another L.A., then be prepared to keep Kilroy from being San Diego’s Killjoy!

If the Chargers want US to pay, then we should have a SAY!!!

Ever since the Charges began their efforts to have a new stadium over a dozen years ago, they have pushed to get San Diego inhabitants, fans and non-fans as well, to help pay the way.  That sounds fair, since the fans want a team and should help with monies besides those spent on hot dogs and beers.  I, for one, however, believe most “fans” CAN’Tt afford the burden of a tax or long term note, how ever “our” share is expected to be paid. IF the Chargers want a stadium in San Diego, let them seek outside creative financing.  The Carson plan, for both the Chargers and Raiders, has a Major bank and seat leases standing behind the venture.  The NFL has a pool they use to help owners and cities pay for stadiums.  Granted, it’s not 100% financing, but it’s available, and I’m sure would be used by the Chargers, here or in Carson or anywhere.  The only “fan” owned stadium in the league is Green Bay.  The “fans” also own the team.  That couldn’t happen here because there’s not enough money “around town” to pay the note.  Remember the Packers franchise was funded, and the stadium as well, long before contracts and other operating expenses hit the high’s they are today.  So, let’s make it simple.  If the Chargers want a stadium have them bring in the monies.  If they can’t do it here, let’em go.  San Diego has been dubbed America’s Finest City.  It will ALWAYS be the “FINEST” even without the Chargers.  Oh, and by the way,, if they want the money from San Diegans, let us have a spot or two on their board to help make player and other franchise related decisions.  After all, if you want my big money, pal, how ’bout my two cents when it comes to player moves, coach hires and salaries? AMEN!