Tom Brady is Another Reason Why Pro Sports Has an Odor That Is Getting More Potent With Each Incident!!!

Today a Federal Judge ruled in favor of New England Patriots Quarterback, Tom Brady.  I don’t need to explain why he went before the judge, it’s been overdone by the media for the past 8 or 9 months.  If you don’t know about it, Google it.  The “deflategate” fiasco has been around long enough that we all know why he was suspended for 4 games by the Commissioner.  This sour and incorrect judgement will now open the floodgates for any and all who have received, or will receive, suspensions for criminal activity or violations of NFL codes.  Just as Pete Rose and Shoeless Joe Jackson shouldn’t be enshrined in Baseball’s Hall of Fame, Brady should have been told he has to sit out his suspension.  All three broke the rules.  Putting Brady in the same class with Shoeless Joe and Rose is a bit absurd, considering the offenses, but all three broke the rules of the sport and should suffer the consequences of their actions.  I am willing to bet my Mickey Mantle Rookie Card that this decision will open the door for the other thugs who wear a pro uniform, those who have broken the rules of the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, et al…. and the civil laws of our country.    Pro athletes have become demigods!  And we have allowed them to achieve that level of shamefulness and prosperity by raising them above the law.  They are no different than me and you.  Unfortunately, for all of us it’s too late.  We have let them get away with murder, in some cases, and we blindly have allowed them to make us all just as guilty for allowing these things to happen.

I wouldn’t be surprised if some team in need of a runningback hires Ray Rice to plug their roster hole.  After all, Michael Vick got a second chance!  Soccer anyone?  Well, not yet, for me, anyway!!!  How about Pro Wrestling?  At least we know it’s rigged and phoney and funny and entertaining.  Most of their so called athletes have rap sheets and their fans do too……..Only in America!



I am already tired of hearing all the cry babies spewing their idiotic garbage on talk radio shows.  GET OVER IT, PEOPLE!!  Tom Brady, like all other pro athletes, is human.  He/they make human mistakes and cheat like other humanoids!!!  The problem with the American sports fan is they idolize guys like Brady…Put him/they on pedestals like “false gods.” The “they can do no wrong” philosophy has gotta go.  But, maybe it’s too late.  Maybe most of you are so far gone that there’s no way to save your sorry asses…Sorry for the superlative, but this “stuff” is getting old….this love affair we have with our athletes.  I know Pete Rose very well; was around him a lot back “in the day.”  He cheated.  He broke the rules.  He should not be allowed to “share the benefits” of his athletic achievements, namely Hall of Fame enshrinement.  Tom Brady is no different.  Brady lied….concealed evidence… and.destroyed evidence when he broke up his cell phone.  And, don'[t try and tell me this was the first time he had his “flunky fellows” deflate some game balls so he could throw the balls with more accuracy.    Brady should be happy all he got is a four game suspension.  He also should be fined enough money to pay the salaries of the two dudes fired who helped their “god” manipulate the “tools of his trade.”   I could go on and on about this one.  The bottom line is very clear—Play by the rules.  Look for “the edge” by finding holes in the defense, not in the rule book.  And, most of all, if you are playing a “man’s game,” act like a man.  Don’t be afraid to look your fellow men in the eye and admit your wrong.  We have all allowed too many rule benders to bend the rules the wrong way and get away with it.  Whatever happened to “Playing for the Love of the Game,” the competition and spirit of the sport?  Oh, yeah, I forgot…..MONEY!  In order to keep the big bucks coming in you gotta win and you gotta have “your guy” making the big plays to put people in the seats so they can pay the high beer, hot dog and parking prices.  Damn—it’s America…the new land of the “not so free…”

Firing Bud Black Had to come, and come NOW!

I like Bud Black and I liked his managerial tools. However, when you are losing, it’s pretty tough to “fire” the whole team! You could “smell it coming” when the club hired their new General Manager. I am surprised it took him this long to “make the move” on Bud. You see, General Managers want their “own man” in the dugout. The move also has to happen if your big money lineup is playing erratic, with “nickel and dime” moments that don’t belong with a multi-million dollar payroll. Dave Roberts will do okay as interim manager. He’s lucky he has the Oakland A’s in town for a few days. You and your half-lame sister could beat this club. Let’s just hope Black’s replacement is a dude with some fire. I don’t mean the Earl Weaver or Dick Williams personality type, but close! A little whip cracking from time to time keeps the “lions on their toes” and a “little more awake.” Bud was too mellow for this group. Even when he argued with the umps he did it with gentlemanly behavior. We’ll see…there’s plenty of time to get this freight train going in the right direction with a little more steam. Let’s just hope the players buy into Bud’s replacement. I, like you, am tired of the same old, same old!

I “WAS’ a HUGE Boxing fan….but no MORE!

I grew up a boxing fan. I always wanted to be a boxer. When I was a TV Sportscaster I sparred with some of the sports greatest. I always hated the “dark side” of the sport…the many punks and thugs and crooks and creeps who “walked the halls” of boxing arena’s coast to coast and border to border. When I lived and worked in Philly I got too close to the sport and had legal problems because of people like Don King and his many shyster pals. But, I still loved the “game,” the sport, and most of all the boxers. From Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier to Tex Cobb and so many others. Now, after the Pacquiao-Mayweather fiasco on Saturday I am finally “kissing the sport good-bye.” I purposely waited to write this blog so I could let the anger and other negative, hateful feelings subside. I was one of the millions who paid to see the circus. I have never liked the Floyd Mayweathers of the sports world. There are others like him, in other sports, as well. They play and participate ONLY for the money…One-time Heavyweight Champion Floyd Patterson once told me that when the “mob” ran the fight game ALL was good…but when the promoters and other slime got involved the sport began it’s slow slide into oblivion. There is NO Room anymore for the “clean,” honest promoters like my friend Bobby DePhilippis, here in San Diego. His dad once promoted the Ali-Ken Norton fight. But, those days are gone…I can see why so many have turned to those glove-less gladiators who mix marshall arts with a street fighting aura. Just keep the Don Kings and other slimeballs away from the sport, or better yet–use the boxing promoters as “practice meat” before they climb into the cages around sporting America to beat each other up! Tennis Anyone?

If the Chargers want US to pay, then we should have a SAY!!!

Ever since the Charges began their efforts to have a new stadium over a dozen years ago, they have pushed to get San Diego inhabitants, fans and non-fans as well, to help pay the way.  That sounds fair, since the fans want a team and should help with monies besides those spent on hot dogs and beers.  I, for one, however, believe most “fans” CAN’Tt afford the burden of a tax or long term note, how ever “our” share is expected to be paid. IF the Chargers want a stadium in San Diego, let them seek outside creative financing.  The Carson plan, for both the Chargers and Raiders, has a Major bank and seat leases standing behind the venture.  The NFL has a pool they use to help owners and cities pay for stadiums.  Granted, it’s not 100% financing, but it’s available, and I’m sure would be used by the Chargers, here or in Carson or anywhere.  The only “fan” owned stadium in the league is Green Bay.  The “fans” also own the team.  That couldn’t happen here because there’s not enough money “around town” to pay the note.  Remember the Packers franchise was funded, and the stadium as well, long before contracts and other operating expenses hit the high’s they are today.  So, let’s make it simple.  If the Chargers want a stadium have them bring in the monies.  If they can’t do it here, let’em go.  San Diego has been dubbed America’s Finest City.  It will ALWAYS be the “FINEST” even without the Chargers.  Oh, and by the way,, if they want the money from San Diegans, let us have a spot or two on their board to help make player and other franchise related decisions.  After all, if you want my big money, pal, how ’bout my two cents when it comes to player moves, coach hires and salaries? AMEN!